Dedicated tools for trainees

The Training Course Advisor (TCA) is a digital device designed by F-CRIN to provide qualified, co-constructed and accessible information in line with the needs of participants in clinical research training.

Developing skills throughout life

Having access to qualified information on the training offer is essential for the successful implementation of one's training project.

In this multidisciplinary field, with its changing professional practices, it has become essential to:

  • to make one's training activity visible (both as a trainer and as a trainee) ;
  • to identify the community of actors involved in training in clinical research.

By creating an account on the Training Course Advisor, you have access to:

As a participant, your professional space consists of a Participant Specification Sheet on which all your information is grouped and accessible to people consulting the TCA: your professional profile, your contact details, your CV, etc.

  • Your training activity is displayed on your Participant Specification Sheet. You can thus indicate the courses you have attended as a participant.
  • You appear on the Session Specification Sheet of the training courses you have attended.
  • You appear in the list of trainees referenced in the TCA database.

The TCA offers access to tools to help you find the right course for your needs. To guide your search, you can consult:

A dynamic search tool has been set up to simplify and target your search. You can filter the training courses listed on the TCA according to your own search criteria (dates, themes, online/classroom-based, etc.).

Structures and trainers who list their activities on the TCA offer participants the opportunity to evaluate the training sessions they have attended via an online form. The centralisation of this feedback allows people looking for training to know the opinion of participants of past sessions, and for training organisers to offer a qualitative and transparent training offer.

If you do not find a course that matches your needs, you can formalise them and send them to us by completing our dedicated online form. They will be passed on to the organisations and trainers listed on the TCA, who will then be able to make proposals that meet your expectations.


Updated on 15 December 2022