Dedicated tools for trainers

The Training Course Advisor (TCA) is a digital device designed by F-CRIN that aims to offer qualified, co-constructed and accessible information, in line with the needs of trainers organising or participating in clinical research training courses.

Boost and enhance your training activity

The development of lifelong training is a relevant and appropriate response to the need for skills and qualifications in the clinical research sector.

In this multidisciplinary field, with its evolving professional practices, it is essential for all those providing education, both organisations and trainers, to:

  • be clearly identified and identifiable ;
  • promote its training offer.

By creating an account on the Training Course Advisor, you have access to:

  • As a trainer, your professional space consists of a Trainer Specification Sheet on which all your information is grouped and accessible to people consulting the TCA: your professional profile, your contact details, your CV, etc.
  • By logging in to your Trainer's space, you have access to the TCA features that allow you to reference the clinical research training courses you organise.
  • Your training activity is displayed on your Trainer Specification Sheet. You can thus indicate the training courses that you organise, in which you participate as a speaker but also as a participant.
  • You appear on the Session Specification Sheets of the training courses you organise and in which you intervene.
  • You appear in the list of trainers referenced in the TCA database.

The TCA offers trainers the possibility to evaluate the training sessions they organise. With a password provided by the session organiser, participants can submit an online evaluation on the TCA and score the training session on the basis of 6 key criteria. This feature allows trainers to get feedback on their activity and to highlight the quality of their training courses.

Professionals and students who do not find training courses corresponding to their needs among those listed on the TCA can send them to us using the online form "Formalise a need". These training needs are relayed to the trainers listed on the TCA. Interested trainers have the opportunity to make training course proposals in line with the expectations of future learners.


Updated on 20 October 2022