A digital information device on training in clinical research

What is the TCA ?

The Training Course Advisor (TCA) is an information tool, designed by F-CRIN, on training courses in clinical research. It offers professionals and patients a complete overview of training activities in the field.

The objective of the TCA is to offer qualified, co-constructed and accessible information, in line with the needs of the various stakeholders in clinical research training: training structures/organisations, trainers and trainees.

The features of the Training Course Advisor

A search tool to find an answer to your training needs

Are you looking for a training course on a topic related to clinical research? Thanks to its online search tool, the TCA allows you to find a training course that corresponds to your needs and preferences in terms of theme, type of course or training fee. All the training sessions referenced on the TCA have a dedicated and detailed information sheet.

A tool for information and communication on your training activity

Are you a trainer or a structure that initiates training courses in clinical research? You can reference your training activity on the TCA by filling in an information sheet containing key information about your educational initiative and its organisation. By doing so, you increase the visibility of your training activity and you participate in the centralisation of the clinical research training offer in France.

An evaluation tool for continuous improvement of the training offer

The TCA offers participants the opportunity to evaluate online the training sessions they have attended. This feature allows professionals looking for a training course to find out the opinions of participants from past editions.

An exchange platform for the supply and demand for training

If you do not find any training courses corresponding to your needs, you can formalise them and send them to us on the site. These will be sent to the organisations and trainers referenced on the TCA, who will then be able to make proposals in line with your expectations.


Updated on 28 August 2023