A tool for evaluating training courses

Valuation, transparency and reliability of training

Evaluations left on the Training Course Advisor are secure!

Only course participants can submit an evaluation via a dedicated secure area. All evaluations are subject to compliance with the Training Course Advisor publication charter. The submission of a training course to being evaluated is the organiser's (trainer or structure) sole decision and is optional.

Making its clinical research training courses credible

  • The display of evaluations (eg. HCERES): an indicator of quality and recognition.
  • Disseminating the opinions of training participants: a guarantee of transparency and reliability.

Deciding to communicate on these two aspects is an additional decision aid on the training market.

An objective and independent evaluation in a national reference framework

The Haut Conseil de l'Evaluation de la Recherche et de l'Enseignement Supérieur (High Council for the Evaluation of Research and Higher Education) is an independent administrative authority. Its mission is to:
- evaluate higher education institutions ;
- evaluate the tranining courses and diplomas proposed by higher education institutions.

Assessment as close as possible to the selection criteria of the learners

The evaluation of a training course is based on 6 criteria scored out of 10 by the participant:

  • General organisation of the training course
  • Content of the training course
  • Quality of the speakers
  • Practical application of the training course
  • Valuation of the training course
  • Overall satisfaction score

These criteria are explained to the participant on the online evaluation form to ensure that they are properly understood.

  • The participant has a free text field to express himself.
  • He/she can leave comments in order to give his/her opinion or to give specific information about the training course.
  • All comments are verified before publication by the site administrator according to the Training Course Advisor publication policy.

Distinguishing its clinical research training activity

On the basis of individual evaluations, the Training Course Advisor enables training organisations and trainers to evaluate their training activities. Individual course evaluations generate:

  • an overall "training" score based on the average of the individual evaluations ;
  • an overall 'training organisation' score based on the average of the 'training' scores ;
  • the integration of the training note in the information sheet of the trainers and participants of the said training course.

This indicator contributes to the development of the reputation of training courses, organisations and trainers in the dense landscape of clinical research training.


Updated on 15 December 2022