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Presentation of Training Course Advisor

The Training Course Advisor is an information device available to those involved in training in the field of clinical research. It was developed by the Training & Education Unit of F-CRIN's Head Office, whose mission is to contribute to the acquisition of skills and qualifications by French investigation teams and to ensure their promotion on a national, European and international level.




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Regulatory requirements and setup for clinical trials conducted abroad (Europe + UK + USA)

  • F-CRIN
  • CNCR

Innovative imaging of eye disease - Adaptive optics ophthalmoscopy

  • F-CRIN
  • FRCRnet -French Retinal Clinical Research network-

Data management in clinical research

  • F-CRIN

Orphan Drug & Rare Disease - Accelerating access to therapeutic innovation

  • F-CRIN
  • OrphanDev


The F-CRIN Infrastructure is a platform for supporting and structuring national research, expertise and clinical investigation networks in targeted medical topics. An original model of integrated and federative organization, it constitutes a cross-cutting national community of complementary cutting-edge expertise (medical, scientific, methodological). F-CRIN currently has 19 networks. Its national coordination is located in Toulouse.